Facebook Ad V/s Google Ad- Which One Is Better For Your Business

By crux creative solutions

January 23, 2020

Facebook ad V/S Google ad- which one is better for your business

The two companies’ long-standing rivalry has often been dramatized by various technology media outlets. This goes on revealing that the two platforms are in direct competition with one another and it is irrefutable evidence of their major role in the social marketing spectrum.

Businesses of all sizes find it difficult to comprehend and make a decision about which platform was right for their needs. Also, it is a false dichotomy that remains confusing till date especially to the one new to online advertising.

Although the two platforms have often been positioned as competitors but as a leading creative branding agency in Gurgaon,, we suggest businesses to leverage their way out by advertising on Google and Facebook ads to achieve maximum visibility, escalate leads on sales and leads, finding new customers, just optimizing new strategies that will possibly be aligned with the functionality of both the platform. All of these efforts to witness a remarkable return on their advertising spend.

Crux Creative Solutions is a branding agency in Delhi NCR and our experts have examined what sets of Google AdWords and Facebook Ads apart, how these two platforms functions. Also, why you should be using both the platforms for your business growth.

Major differences between Google AdWords and Facebook Ads

Let us first start with the primary difference before dwelling into strengths and feature.

Google AdWords is globally the largest and the most popular PPC advertising platform and the fact that it is so widely used, it has become synonymous with ‘paid search’ even though various other platform works on the similar way.

However, Google AdWords has dominated the field so much that Paid Search is used interchangeably.

Let’s understand paid search, it is the targeting of keywords and subsequent use of text-based advertisements. Mostly advertiser or even any branding service in Gurgaon, Delhi or even globally will tell you to use AdWords by bidding on keywords (specific words and sentences included in the search queries entered by Google users). It is used in the hope that the ads they have put will leave behind competitors and displayed at the top. Each time someone clicks on an ad, the advertiser is charged a certain amount by Google. Hence PPC, Pay-Per-Click.

Facebook Ads is a primary example of paid social or the entire process of practicing advertising on social networks. Facebook has the largest number of active users on the platform in the world and hence it has become the potential and lucrative market of advertisers.

The difference between paid search and paid social is that the former uses keywords to promote their business whereas paid social help users to find businesses that they are interested in by running campaigns to the target audience.

It is often thought that AdWords and Paid social works in a similar fashion because both platforms are used to promote businesses, but that is where all the similarities end.

If we put it in simpler words: Google looks out for new customers for your business, while Facebook helps new customers to find your business.

Google AdWords Strengths?

• Large Audience-Base

Google handles more than 40,00 queries every second. EVERY SECOND. More than 1.2 TRILLION searches every year. These numbers are huge. Simply put, no other platform can provide such potential audiences, not in coming years at least.

• Levelled Play Field

There is a misconception that the more you spend on advertisement, the more leads you can generate. The platform uses the quality of content as a relevant source. The smart advertiser always uses relevant, optimized, high-quality ads for it to perform as expected.

• Range of Ad Formats

Users can take advantage of other features apart from text-based searches like extensions, site links, reviews, location targeting, shopping ads, and host of various incredible features. Google has even introduced unique ad formats for various industries depending upon the needs.

Facebook Ads Strength

• Audience Granularity

Just like Google Facebook boast of its wide range of audience. Facebook has no competition for its enormous users. If the advertiser set the right target audience the granularity with which it reaches has high potential. Users share so much information and life decisions and state that becomes easier to set a specific audience.

• A very visual platform

Google or even any other platform has rather invisible ads, where it can be seen only if people are looking for it. But, with Facebook, the ads are visible and it generates curiosity and creates automatic demands. The high-quality ads sometimes can be so compelling that it will generate just audience out the unexpected spectrum.

• Exceptional ROI

One feature that attracts businesses to Facebook ad is its Return On Investment, which is larger than any other platform. Also, these ads are remarkably inexpensive with what all it can provide to businesses in a short time and with that amount of reach, every penny is worth investing in.

Both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are highly powerful advertising tools any platform can offer. It caters to every kind of business in existence. Even while we compared both the platform, it is evident that both should be viewed in a complimentary tone than competition tone.

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