How To Attain Local Seo Success By Using Google To Your Advantage

By crux creative solutions

February 25, 2020

How To Attain Local Seo Success By Using Google To Your Advantage

If you own a business, the first and foremost idea is to make it popular locally before expanding further.

The internet, Google is full of useful and sometimes messy information and databases.

Google is the biggest platform on the local block and it cannot be ignored if you want to get noticed. Google comprises both risk and a huge opportunity for every local marketer and businesses.

Succeeding in 2020 requires a great zeal and to be clear surveyor of any structural issues. You should have the ability to turn dilapidation into money and civic satisfaction.

Crux Creative, an SEO company in Gurgaon have put out a 3-level plan for SEO success in 2020.


Feed Information to Google

Information about you, your company and a lot of things are going to be on Google, whether you put it up here or not.

Did you know that about 90% search engine market globally is shared by Google only, comprising of over 2 trillion searches per year and nearly 50% of which are for something local?

Who look out most for the local search- Residents, new neighbours and travellers.

To become the most successful local business, it is important to acquire the largest share in the estimated 1 trillion annual local searches.

How to do that

By feeding Google:

  • Website content for your product/service, location and other attributes
  • Corroborating your business information on other websites
  • Image, video and audio content
  • Social media content

The biggest takeaway from all of this is that Google does not exist without your and our content. Local business is dependent upon Google and vice versa.

Declare 2020 the year where you provide a content architecture that spans your neighbourhood. Do it by:

  • Putting out rock-solid information on your website. Everything a customer would want to know should be visibly present.
  • Monitor and respond to reviews
  • Create guideline abiding Google My Business Listing
  • Audit your competition

Focus on the substance of your content and only put out promises that you will be able to fulfil

Level- 2

Fight Google’s Algorithm

Google has been playing on the scale of public utility. Apps like local finders, mobile maps, Google maps are all to make the user's life easy.

This might lead to many frauds practises by your competitor, just to stay at the top.

To stay within Google algorithm , any SEO services in Delhi or all over the world will suggest you follow the given guidelines: Stay within Google’s guideline with ethical practices such as keywords and lead generation activities:

Avoid putting up fake reviews for others, Google has a way to identify the spammers. And, it is always advised to steer clear of such practises.

Look out that there is no negative image is posted on your brand’s name

Set out a function where users can directly book an appointment, that gives more relatability criteria.

Always be updated on Google’s contact information so to be able to contact at any given point of the problem.

In a simple language, the local business cannot function for a long time by fooling customers.

Level- 3

Flip Google to Your Advantage

We have fed Google of important information; we have fought it. Now it’s time to flip it to our advantage.

The goal has to be working hard for every customer you have won from the internet. Till the time customer isn’t at your door (physically and digitally), the ball is in Google’s court, but once you have won the customer, the party is under your roof. You have control over the situation. You can make and break your brand value.

Use the earned customer and treat them well. Now that they know your brand and have visited your website, it is up to you make them stay. Answer their queries regularly, help them locate your services and products.

TAs a leading SEO services company in Gurgaon, we have figured the way to rank your brand on the top in the year 2020. Visit us for more information.

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