Not enough leads on your website? It’s time for you to revamp it!

By crux creative solutions

December 30, 2019

not enough leads on your website

First impression is the last impression, not only is this saying true for the physical world but also the virtual world. The best web design company will always suggest you to create an impression on the audience which then decides the fate of your business. Home pages that take forever to load, broken links that put you off instantly, poor image quality etc.; these are the signs that are telling you to revamp your website! Redesigning does not mean that the existing website needs to be scraped off but modifications to make your customer experience great.

Here are 5 reasons you should redesign/modify/revamp your website!

1- Ask yourself!

Is your website too complicated? Is there information floating everywhere? Does the look and feel of your website tell a different story and your business another? Take a deep breath and get to your work mode, you need to redesign your website. Keep everything in mind like you're telling a story and go with the flow.

2 - Keeping up with the ever-changing marketing trends

Marketing strategies are ever-changing; one should always try and align the marketing strategies with the website. This does not mean you have to change your entire website each time you run a marketing campaign but every now and then modifications in the layout should be done in order to maintain cohesion.

3 - Broken website

This is an absolute red alert and you should tend to it as quickly as possible. A broken, dysfunctional, flawed website is as good as not having a website at all. Think about all the money spent on marketing - it has all gone to waste as people who are being directed to your website are signing up for dejection. A leading website designing company in Delhi, swears on their experience with clients who often are troubled with their sales targets. The sure shot solution is website revamping.

4. Complicated Content

One of the most important factors to be considered while revamping your website is the Content. If the audience finds your content dull and redundant, then you need to work on it. Content is the thread that ties your website design. One has to look for engaging content, and if that’s not enough one also has to look for its placement.

5. Third-party tools

If you look at it, any website has its functionality supported by these third-party tools. It is really important to keep a check on these and follow through their regular updates. Customers should have a smooth experience throughout. Glitches occurring through these third party apps leave a bad impression on your customers thus affecting your sales.

If your website has the above symptoms then do not panic. If your business is getting affected due to your website, it’s better to take measures to better it. The goal to hit higher sales goes through your website.

If you cannot determine the causes of your dysfunctional website, you can contact Crux Creative Solutions, a leading website development company in Delhi.

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