Social media advice that you must never follow

By crux creative solutions

May 07, 2018

As the social media world has sprung up so enormously over the years and over 2.8 billion people currently present on social media, marketers have found it as the new best place for customer engagement. Ever since, people, expert or not, have started showering pieces of advice on how to make your social media strategy strong. Everyone has a mouth and subsequently advice. However, how much of this advice actually bear results?

CRUX Creative Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a well-established social media marketing company in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. We have been in business for long and have aced it. Known amongst some of the best facebook marketing agency in Gurgaon, we understand well the statistics and patterns of social media. However, our joyous journey has made us encounter some of the worst advice about social media marketing. Being the best social media agency in Delhi NCR, trust us when we say this is not how social media works:

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Posting all the time will keep the audience engaged

Often people think that with an increased number of posts on a single, the engagement will also increase. However, the reality is quite contrary to this. Your audience certainly wants to feel your social presence but more than that, they want something that interests them. Quality outdoes quantity on social media. It is more likely that people will un-follow you after getting multiple irrelevant posts from you in a day. Post less but post content that complements the demands of your audience and exhibits your creativity.

Put as many hashtags as possible

As a known Facebook marketing agency, we say #StopOverdoingHashtags. Definitely, hashtags appeal your audience, gets you visibility, increases followers, and gives you more engagement, but to achieve this if you are crowing your content with them, you are certainly doing it wrong. Too many hashtags can only make your content look spammed and you look desperate. Use them wisely.

Only post content that sells!

Crux has never supported the idea of using social media platforms as solely a place for advertising, which is why maybe we have come out as one of the leading social media agency in India. Being too salezy in your social media content somehow bores your audience. An ideal social media strategy must have a perfect blend of content related to branding, awareness, and engagement.

Create content that appeals to all

Certainly, advise you must strictly avoid following. Marketing, whether social media or not, must strictly be refined and strategic. You must cater only to your target audience even if it means losing a chockfull of the audience. An irrelevant audience is better than having none for they evoke no results and don’t serve your purpose of being on social media. As a top social media agency in Delhi NCR, we always advise our clients to have quality than quantity.

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