The Evolution Of Digital Marketing

By crux creative solutions

May 15, 2018

In 2018, it won’t be wrong to say that the colossal growth of digital marketing has almost taken over traditional marketing. Digital marketing is so full of opportunities, every, small or big, company wants to use this platform for enhancing their business by getting maximum attention from customers. As a well-established digital marketing agency in Gurgaon, CRUX gives you three reasons for why digital marketing has become so widespread over the years:

  • It is both affordable and profitable.
  • Very flexible and easily expandable
  • Best way to build customer relations
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Maybe these reasons are not new to your knowledge. Because of the unparalleled success of digital marketing and over 170 million people using the social media on an everyday basis, most of us are quite conscious of its advantages. However, the thing that we are not aware of is how digital marketing evolved to become so popular. CRUX, one of the most creative digital marketing companies will now enlighten you about the origin and evolution of digital marketing.

Let’s check the timeline of the evolution of digital marketing:


It was the year when the word ‘digital marketing was used for the first ever time. Web 1.0 was the platform used at that time for searching information. However, it was limited to this and did not allow you to share the information.


The first-ever clickable banner went live. CRUX, one of the best digital agencies, claims this year as the beginning of the digital era where soon after HotWired bought several banner ads for their marketing and advertising purpose.


Yahoo was launched in 1994 and received one million hits, within a year of its launch. This motivated other companies to optimize their websites and get good SEO rankings.


This year saw the launch of many other small search engines such as Alexa, HotBot, and LookSmart. We, being the best digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR, see it as the gradual growth of digital marketing.


It was the year when Google was born. Known for providing the best digital marketing services, CRUX marks this year as the golden year in the history of digital marketing.


All the small search engines were cleaned from the web.


LinkedIn, the professional social media platform was launched in this year.


Wordpress and MySpace were launched. Being the best digital marketing agency in Gurgaon, CRUX evaluates these years as the foundation years for digital marketing.


Another great year for digital marketing, where on one hand Gmail was launched, on the other hand, Google went public and Facebook went live.


In this year, two more great things happened. One, Twitter was launched and second Amazon crossed $10 million as e-commerce sales. Not just this, Microsoft also launched MS Live search in the same year.


Tumblr and iPhone was launched this year.


The digital marketing services got a boost in this year when Google launched tools like AdWords and AdSense.


Whatsapp was launched this year.


It was a great time for digital marketing agencies for the web-users were reported to have overtaken the figure of TV viewership during this year. It was also the year when Google+ was launched.


Digital marketing agencies sprang up because social media budgets reached 64% this year.


Yahoo took over tumblr in 2013.


Facebook messenger was launched. In addition, ads on LinkedIn were launched in this year and Facebook acquired Whatsapp.


Snapchat launched its Discover feature this year. It was also a great year for digital marketing agencies owing to the introduction of various new technologies like content marketing.

2017 has major social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. CRUX, the best digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR believes in using all these digital opportunities optimally to be the best in this digital era.

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