Do you know that even weirdest products of the world become bestsellers through effective Digital Marketing Campaigns??

By crux creative solutions

January 11, 2017

Without any doubt for effective digital marketing, SWOT analysis of your own product/brand is a must. If done honestly and facts and data is used for this SWOT analysis, it can give you an accurate picture of where you stand in the market, who all are your major competitors and who all are your target customers. Then comes the stage of deciding on an effective platform of digital marketing for your business, picking the right one is the crucial decision.
Once the right platform is selected and an engaging and entertaining content created, even a seemingly weird or unconventional product, service or an art project could become renowned or a bestseller. However, in the entire exercise, take care not to lose sight of the objectives and desired goals of the campaign. Let’s discuss a few such products -:

  • Squatty Potty -: With an intelligent or brilliantly disgusting Marketing Video circling around a hilarious pickup line “This Unicorn changed the way I poop”, had changed the way customers conceived, understood and connected to the product and within two months since it launched, with over two million views Squatty Potty became the number one or a best seller in Amazon’s toilet training potties and seats category.

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  • Exploding Kittens -: Exploding Kittens became the third biggest Kickstarter campaign of all time. It is a table top game whose amusing marketing campaign in 2015 broke all the records and it became the most funded game and the most backed Kickstarter game in the history. The secret of the success of that campaign lies in its bizarre approach of presenting the cartoon characters, which was immensely liked and shared by the fans of Oatmeal comic strips site.

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Coming back to India, there are multiple examples of digital campaigns designed well and executed with finesse:

  • Whisper -: Among the multiple sanitary products in the market, the first name which come to our minds is Whisper. It’s recent taboo bursting and women empowerment campaign of 2016, along with the launch of its’ new whisper ultra-range is grabbing everybody’s attention. It’s highly engaging campaign taking this established brand to the new heights, in India.

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  • Saint Beard -:A range of beard hygiene products. It’s bold, raunchy mix and very appealing marketing campaign has brought the beard back into fashion. Within a short span of two months the product reach has increased manifold.
    Joining this campaign with No shave November campaign has given big boost to its sales figures. On one side this campaign is grabbing attention by representing manhood and showcasing beard as an important factor of men’s sex appeal and on the other end its motivating people to keep beard for a social cause in the month of November. It’s witty Facebook posts representing the psyche of youth with the lines like “Shaved my beard for the interview and interviewer had a beard” or suggesting different styles of moustache and beard in an interesting and engaging way on Facebook as well as on twitter and Instagram, continuously decreasing its costs per purchase i.e. more and more people not only showing interest to its posts but placing more number of orders or ending up connected to the product.

    The wit and connectivity of the campaign was at its high when Mr. Modi, Prime Minister of India represented as a bearded superhero!

    The creative minds of Crux Creative Solutionstaking this rare range of herbal products to the new heights. This open end no brand guideline campaign started by Crux’s creative enthusiasts with full support of Saint Beard team. Youngsters being its prime target getting well connected to its witty online promotions and contests well.

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Crux Creative Solutions as a digital marketing agency in Gurgaon has proved that it takes every challenge and invests its pioneer creative minds to achieve the desirable, to make a product a brand.

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