Why Is A Website Important For Your New Business?

By crux creative solutions

January 10, 2020

Website Important for Business

Nearly 1.5 billion websites are live today in the digital realm but hardly 10-15% of them updates regularly.

This is a saddening figure and it means that there are huge lost opportunities for most website owners and zero value for web users. No matter what business you own, in this digital world, it must have a presence marked on the internet.

We are a digital agency and one of the best web design company, our experts have listed out a few benefits for a startup to have a website. So, without further ado, let's find out why the website is a must need for your business.

Main advantages of a website

There is no dearth of reasons that support the idea of making a customised website for a startup. If you’re still questioning as to why you should be making a custom website for your newly started business, we, as a leading website designing company in Delhi have listed out reasons for you:

Appear on the top of search

In 2020, websites have various goals. An exceptionally well-designed website leaves a great deal of scope for action, like:

  • Provide information to the prospective customers about your background, services and solutions
  • Ensure a visual experience by making apt use of images, videos and infographics
  • Share your testimonials of the existing client to showcase your quality of work
  • Educate the target audience
  • Keep in touch with the current customers, and many more

Web surfers and shoppers take a good deal by researching about the company and its product before buying or ordering. If you design the website in the right way, your web resource will appear on the top and considerably increase your chances of reaching the potential clientele.

Keep in touch with the current and potential audience

If your marketing strategy is still conservative and you rely on brick-and-mortar business, it is high time for you to go digital for better projects and in terms of availability.

Even if your store is closed due to holidays or any unforeseen circumstances, the online shop will still be functioning all-around-the-clock.

More than 60% of buyers are through an online platform and those customers need your assistance or advice and wouldn’t adapt to your working hours. On the website, they can send a request at any point in time.

Online presence helps you to expand the borders. A small startup has all the chances to become a well-established organisation. Which means, make your website easy to understand and adaptable. The online presence you have lets you maintain relations with existing clients and build an effective marketing campaign. You also showcase clients about discounts, new big event, product update and plenty of other things.

Educate, inform and showcase

Users make use of the internet for different purposes- entertainment, searching, buying and communicating. The most important reason is to satisfy information hunger. This is the reason it is important to optimise your website in a way that it will be both engaging and informative.

Startup sites must have several pages like- Home, About us, Features, Pricing, FAQ, Blog. Every page should be designed according to the UI/UX requirements. Blogs are very important for SEO ranking and to appear at the top of the search.

Make use of digital marketing and be cost-effective

Another point that the website is important for your business is that it can integrate digital marketing tools and let online entrepreneurs promote their website at a fewer cost.

If we compare it to traditional marketing strategy like TV advertisement, Newspaper, billboards, it is far more effective and cost way too less.

Also, it is duly noted that a website who blogs receive 97% more links to their website, which means it is highly useful to generate lead to your website.

Excellent Customer Service

Among multiple benefits of a website, a startup in an early stage have many other advantages. One of which is superb client support. Certainly, nothing is compared to a personal phone call but the majority of the users rather prefer online interactions for the follow-up process. This also allows user to send in the complaint t any given time.

Build a reputation

When you find a nice product/service, the first thing all of us tend to do is find information about it online. And, if there is no record of it online, there is a feeling of distrust immediately and then we move on to another site with similar features.

For a new startup and business, it is very crucial to have a website to build a reputation and garner the trust of potential customers.

Compete in the market

The last but most important benefit is that it gives you a chance to beat your competitions.

In a digital world where everyone has their brand out on the internet, it is tough to maintain your stand or just make a new identity.

At the beginning of the blog, we have mentioned how the majority of websites are not maintained day-to-day and if you do so, you already are increasing your chances to stand out from all others. It increases the visibility of your brand.

It is important to make sure that your website resource is truthful, catchy and mobile-friendly and it will do the trick.


All of the above factors determine and influence the way your brand is viewed by the customer and your place among the competitors.

We, at Crux Creative Solutions, a leading website development company in Delhi, follow the benefits of the website when we collaborate with a startup or a small business and work towards making it big in the industry.

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