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July 10, 2019

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Email is popular, yes! Almost 2.5 billion people worldwide have access to email and this number is increasing every second, making email marketing the most powerful tool to showcase your vision and to connect with people. Let us bring this idea home; do you know anyone around who doesn’t have access to email services? We receive various emails each day (I sure do). We have to admit that email is a really big part of our daily life.

Email marketing is an eminent way to reach customers. As much popularity email has, to stand out, the email design and content must be personalized and unique. You must always trust professional email design services to create a tailored email design for you so that each communication is relevant and engaging. We, at Crux Creative Solutions, the leading email design service provider, through our intensive research and market knowledge, create an email that is ‘uniquely yours’.

Do you still believe that email is passé? Let us dig into why email is one of the prominent tools and an effective email design can do wonders for marketing. Email is here to stay.


  • Economical
  • Effective
  • Easy

These 3 words define why an email was, is and will always be popular. With the pool of ever-increasing marketing tools like social networks, marketers keep coming back to email. The other ways of marketing may incur various expenses but with email design, with the added benefit of follow-up will instantly create curiosity around your brand. The TV advertisement, Newspaper Post, Hoarding and other ways of marketing is comparatively high on cost.


Due to increasing access to mobile devices, email is just a notification away. People are checking their emails all the time- while commuting to work, during lunch and dinner, while waiting for the doctor’s appointment, at a grocery store, basically everywhere. We have the internet and we have devices to leverage on it. But here is a catch, the email will lead to an increased number of clicks only when the audience finds the email design interesting and engaging.

There is a popular opinion that due to the increasing value of social media platforms, email might take a back seat. Research shows that almost 91% of people use smartphones to access their email. So, if you are pushing aside the idea of email marketing, you are missing out on the majority of customers. An email design must not be taken for granted.


Email marketing is one tool that doesn’t work on guesswork. When you use email marketing software, it is easier to track people who have clicked on your link, opened the mail and even how many people unsubscribed. Which gives it an upper-hand, as a marketing strategy can be altered to suit and gain the trust of the customer back.

This provides a picture of how your campaign is performing and can make adjustments and improvements to augment effectiveness and efficiency. Email marketing metric is important to have a deeper view of your marketing strategy as a whole.


Not everyone is aware about how to make use of social media platforms, as sometimes it can get a little complicated. Whereas, even if we realize or not, everybody with a basic idea of the internet knows something about email- open, click, reply, forward.

While building up a brand, using email marketing strategy as a whole will allow seeing the results straight away through email marketing software.


While strategizing the email marketing plan, what exactly is done- we segment the audience into lists and send each of them the tailored and personalized email that resonates with the reader. Unlike social media campaign, TVC, Offline Campaigns- that addresses the audience as a whole. Making apt use of email marketing software and by creating unique email design enables you to address everyone individually by their name.

The idea that the email is addressed to the customer directly- current or prospective, attracts the attention and gives a personal touch, increasing the number of clicks on the website.

Email marketing is widely used as an efficient and cost-effective method for promotion, building brand awareness and increasing product sales. It helps in fostering the trust and loyalty of the customer base in general.

The role of email as a marketing tool is continuing to grow stronger, despite the increasing popularity of social networks and text messages. Also, lastly can we talk about how environment-friendly it is, saves paper (and trees, too).

No other channel is as successful at building strong customer relationships as email marketing. Does your current email-marketing strategy generating as much profit as you expect it to bring? If you are unable to create a high-quality, unique and winning email design to engage and convert your target market, Crux Creative Solutions can help. We are the top digital marketing agency, based out of Gurgaon, have expertise in email design.

We provide you with top-notch email design services. Connect with us to get the most from your email marketing and engage the audience attention through customized, tailored and unique email design.

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