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Content Marketing is the core of marketing like a soul for human presence!

“Content marketing is a strategic approach that has been expressed artistically or smartly by creating, distributing valuable and relevant content to the target audience, to engage them and finally turning them into long lasting customers”.


“It is an art to approach customers in an informative and creative format rather than pitching them directly and every smart branding agency like Crux Creative Solutions Private Limited (branding agency in Delhi NCR region), knows it well and helps you in the same in best possible manner.”

How we design an effective Content Marketing Strategy & Campaign for you? -:

1. We go for understanding & then defining your Marketing KPI’ s and Marketing goals -: For any marketing or digital marketing campaign, the must is to understand and define fixed targets either in the form of Marketing KPI’s or in the format of Marketing goals. The clear pointers with clear definition and probable defined inter – relationships, which gives a clear picture of Marketing objectives. Thus, further moves shall be planned or made to achieve those objectives.

2. Our Vision Your Strategy -: We as a brand identity creation and marketing team, not only provides you the robust content strategy planning but we provide the vision to your strategy, for effective formulation or planning, this vision serves as the backbone of the complete marketing strategy. The vision, which would be based on, out of the box ideas and unparalleled thought process of our team.

3. Focused & Unique Content Development -: To develop focused & unique content, we in Crux Creative Solutions Pvt. Ltd., being a branding agency in Delhi, NCR, Gurgaon, push our out of box brain cells and come up with a unique content each time, which helps you stand out in the market and gives you the exclusive brand presence. Any format of content marketing either it’s email, Facebook, twitter or Instagram directly depends on the relevance and uniqueness of content, which makes it appealing, interesting and informative, as per the requirement of the campaign.

4. An optimized content based on Search Engine Requirement -: Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing are like two sides of a coin, cannot exist without each other. If we generate a useful content but it’s not visible within the desired audience, then even the most relevant and effective content turns out to be non – effective. If we are doing apt and effective Search Engine Optimization but our content is not appealing enough then it will not attract the visitors, thus SEO and CM shares vice versa relationship. And to boost this analogy, we as brand identity creation experts works on effective, useful optimization of the content.

5. Smart Research Based Publishing, Blogging Content -: Researchers say that news based, informative content is the highly seek and highly appealing content. Every news format is highly informative and non-evergreen format of content as news expires every day, in today’s scenario even less than a day, which gives it freshness every day and thus makes it always appealing, for large number of audience. The evergreen content holds the second position in popularity, which could include any format of tutorials, encyclopaedia, product reviews, review or tips on recent trends etc. A blog or publishing content based on extensive research by our team, focused on relevancy of format for your product or brand, provides an edge to the content marketing. We as a marketing agency in Delhi, NCR Gurgaon focus precisely on smart research based publishing, blogging content.

6. Using the right Social Media Platforms -: After developing the right content, the focus shifts on posting and making the content popular on right media platform. Thus, social media strategizing is also one of the main aspect of content marketing for brand creation. Any Facebook marketing agency focused fully on strategizing for brand identity creation .

7. Content Management System (CMS) -: After creation and publication comes the proper tapping of the content, tapping the reach, the outcome, tapping how your content getting popularize. And, we as a, Marketing agency, in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon , keeps a keen eye on the tapping.

8. Measuring Results & Customization -: Continuously analysing the results after content posting, using the multiple analytical tools, we keep continuous tapping on varying performance of the posts, then our team continuously give inputs, for regular modification and updation of the content to make it popular and keeping this popularity intact.

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