SEO - Search Engine Optimzation

Search Engine Optimization; It’s not a service It’s a package!

Crux Creative Solutions is a pioneer in providing SEO services in Delhi, NCR Gurgaon.

Either it’s on page SEO based on self-control factors such as HTML code, Meta tags, Keyword placement & Keyword density or the off-page SEO, outside the boundaries of the webpage or website, based on the factors like your URL or link popularity and Page rank. Our team put constant efforts to give a good mix of SEO techniques to your web page or website, either it’s social media, search engine submissions, blog posting or techniques like social book marking. Also, the meta tags and effective keyword placement techniques to maximize the reach.
Online Brand Positioning mainly depends on an accurate, effective SEO, SEM technique. And an effective SEO require effective research and an accurate and effective analysis of your Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and threats i.e. SWOT analysis of your business to strategies further according to its requirements. A perfect strategy is a key to perfect online branding/online marketing and this process require accurate research & planning, being an SEO agency Delhi, NCR Gurgaon; we focus precisely on this fact. And, accordingly we built a systematic structure for your planned SEO activity. This planned structure and continuous planning, improvisation or add on to this structure, assures the desired results.

We focus on following certain goals to target effective SEO for your business -:

1) Traffic of your desired group.

2) To boost your Sales figures or revenue.

3) To boost downloads and free trials.

4) We try to boost sentiment for your brand.

“A loyal customer is the one who can feel your product and we assure that feel.”
In addition to above goals, we as a SEO company in Gurgaon believe and focus on continuous evaluation; which in turn results in continuous improvisation, thus we provide never ending service and focus fully on never ending success for your product or brand.

Logical Key Areas to Focus

1. Optimization -: Being SEO Company, Delhi NCR Gurgaon, we know that to properly optimize information on your business website, creating a domain that reflects your business type is very important then adding business relevant keywords, incorporating your business name, address and phone number on individual pages and associating your web page to target vicinity.

2. Strategic Built Up -: Being a SEO agency, Delhi NCR Gurgaon, we secure, build out and update your business listings on local websites and target websites, which can reach to target audience. As, when your business is not listed or the information listed about is incomplete or inaccurate – there is a risk of diminishing or negatively impacting your business’s placement in the search results.

3. Appropriation -: By appropriation we mean that an appropriate link strategy, SEO visibility can get boosted highly when, links from your website to another related website and vice versa. It helps in establishing the authenticity and credibility of your business. It could include consistently sharing links to your website via Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels or including links to your website in email newsletters etc.

4. Encouraging Respond Mechanism -: By encouraging respond mechanism of users. By letting the users write a feedback about you and your post, as well replying to them on regular basis. The feedback could be in the form of a simple email, a flyer at checkout or a callout in your website. The more positive feedbacks will give much better search results.

5. Regular Engagement -: Being a service provider of SEO services in Delhi NCR. We ensure regular engagement based on our proactive approach, also on our focused, strong strategy. Engaging a customer on social media needed focused strategic attention because you always need an innovative, crisp and interesting ideation to engage customer on a social media site. The higher the engagement higher will be your ranking in search results.

6. Media Coverage -: Being a SEO company in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, it’s important to know the value of visibility and publicity. Higher the media will cover you, higher the chances your product will be in news and higher the chances people look for your product. It could include a smart PR collaboration with the local, national, international media depending on the requirement and target customers, it could also include multiple relationship building exercises or activities with the media, which would give your product a place in a news segment or a blog segment.

7. Last but not the least, focus on SEO Integrated marketing, in depth analysis through various analytics reports on regular basis and continuous monitoring of the ranking of your website, keeping you updated about all the advancement. Giving you a SEO set -up which will be useful, even after the termination of the contract because as your customers are important to you; you are important to us!


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